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W5’s email marketing service ensures that your facility is staying in front of golfers consistently and with the highest level of professionalism.

Today, many golf courses use email marketing as their primary means of communicating with their customers.  It’s important to make sure your emails communicate your message concisely and that the format is consistent with your image.

emailmarketing1.jpgWith W5’s Email Marketing service, we will ensure that you can run a highly effective email marketing campaign without spending a lot of your time managing the administrative and creative tasks required.

As part of the Email Marketing service, we • create an attractive template consistent with your course's online and offline marketing; • maintain your opt-in and opt-out lists; • format your messages so they are tasteful and consistent with the template we create; • proofread the message and suggest edits; and • work with spam blacklists to ensure delivery of your messages.

When you use W5’s email marketing service, all you need to do is let us know the message you want to send, the date you want it sent and the marketing list to use.  We take care of the rest.

W5’s Email Marketing program will provide you with an affordable and professional email marketing presence, while freeing up your time for managing your course.

To learn more, call or email us today.

  • We create an email marketing template for you facility that is consistent with your online and offline marketing.  Of course, we can change this template at any time.  You may even want to have more than one template for different types of messages.
  • You provide us with updates to your email lists at any time.  We will maintain the opt-in and opt-out lists and make sure that there are no duplicates.
  • We will send up to 20 emails per year.  You provide the message — we take care of the rest.  Of course, feel free to ask us for ideas on messages and campaigns.
  • We will format each message so that it is provides the same high-quality look-and-feel as the message template.
  • We will work with the various spam blacklists to make sure your messages have the best chance of getting through.


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