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W5’s reservation center is designed to assist you in generating more revenue.  We can help you manage call volume, gather customer data, and improve customer service.  Your calls will be handled with a high level of personalization by trained W5 tee time agents.  And, it works with your existing tee sheet system.

reservationcenter1.jpgYou can elect to have W5 answer your tee time calls (1) after hours; (2) on-demand during the day; or (3) full-time. In each case, the W5 reservation service will allow you to provide 24x7x365 reservations to your golfers over the phone.  You will never miss a round of golf because of staffing, busy signal or golf shop hours.

You pick the level of service that best meets your needs.  If your staff is able to get to all of your reservation calls during the day — even during outings and league starts — then using the service after-hours is for you.  If your staff typically has the time to manage reservation calls, except during the busiest times in the golf shop, then using the “on-demand” service is for you.  If your goal is to capture the most golfer data, and provide dedicated customer service to golfers on the phone and in your golf shop, then using the service full-time is for you.  In any scenario, your golfers will appreciate the added service level and you won’t miss any rounds.

W5 combines great people, customer service and innovative technology to bring you the best in reservation center services.

  • The W5 Reservation Center works with your existing tee sheet system.
  • Our tee time agents receive comprehensive training in your facility.
  • Use of the After-Hours service allows your facility to forward calls to W5 as part of its closing procedures.  When your staff is ready in the morning, they enter a code to switch the calls back to the golf shop.
  • With the On-Demand service, you forward calls to W5 whenever it helps your facility.  If you want, we can work with your telco provider to setup automatic roll-over on busy signal or after a certain number of rings.  Also, at any time during the day and as part of the closing procedures at night, your staff can forward tee time calls to W5.
  • With the Full-Time service, you forward all of your tee time calls to W5.  Typically, this is setup using an auto-attendant functionality.  Even with this service, most facilities elect to handle day-of reservations in their golf shop.  That’s up to you.


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