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Tee Sheet Maximizer
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Tee Sheet Maximizer is an innovative tool used to manage your course’s revenue.  It is a simple but effective program based on the proven, successful concept of matrix pricing used in other industries.  And, it works with your current tee sheet system.

teesheetmaximizer1.jpgBy using Tee Sheet Maximizer, your course can manage rate structures and incentives to get the greatest amount of revenue out of your tee sheet.

The idea behind matrix pricing is simple.  It creates incentives for your value-oriented customers to commit earlier to your facility and to book into less valuable timeslots.  Customers with a preference for time or flexibility are willing to pay a higher rate.  The system automatically eliminates incentive rates when demand is high.

W5 will help you create a simple, effective program.  The program can be managed as infrequently as once a season. In addition, we will help you support the program with high-quality marketing collateral in your clubhouse.

The other services offered by W5 are available to help you get the most out of Tee Sheet Maximizer.  Call or email us today to learn how Tee Sheet Maximizer can help your facility.

  • Tee Sheet Maximizer works with your existing tee sheet system.
  • We provide a simple, web-based system for administration of the program.
  • We provide a booking engine for your website — customized to match the look-and-feel of your website.
  • Optionally, you can also use the web-based booking engine in your golf shop to provide the same matrix pricing to your golfers calling you. In fact, we highly encourage you to make this program available to golfers via the Internet and over the phone. You can always provide the best incentive rates over the Internet. You decide.
  • Marketing support. The success of using matrix pricing depends on providing incentives to your value-oriented golfers to commit earlier and book less valuable timeslots. For this to be successful, marketing to your existing golfers is critical. We will support you with several high-quality pieces for various points in your clubhouse — updated monthly.
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